Friends of Saint Mary's

"Friends of Saint Mary's" came to being in Term 1 2012-13.

All parents of pupils currently enrolled in our school are members of "Friends of Saint Mary's".

The "Friends of Saint Mary's" builds upon the good work of the previous Parent Teacher Association which has provided excellent support to the school down through the years.

In 2015-16 School Year,£3,775 of Literacy Resources were purchased.

Thanks to "Friends of Saint Mary's" for all of their support and efforts.


Many thanks to the outgoing Committee of 2015-16 for all of their support and efforts in the previous school year.

A new Committee for 2016-17 has been elected :

Chairperson : Ms Annette Mann

Vice Chairperson: Mrs Clare Henry

Treasurer: Mrs Martina Totten

Secretary: Ms Mary Downey

Two teachers will attend meetings throughout the school year : Mrs Rhona Quinn and Mrs Angela Quinn will attend during Term 1 and until the end of January 2017

Mrs Kate Duffy and Mrs Janette Mc Daid will attend during Term 2 February - June.