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Pipes & Drums Peace IV workshop
12th April 2018
Children from P1-7 were treated to the sounds of bagpipes and drums.  They were fascinated with the stories from Winston.  He also explained to the children how piping was a hobby for many from Greenlough and Ballynease and that there used to be two great pipe bands in both localities. David explained what the parts of the bagpipes were called as well as showing them how they were tuned.  The star of the show was the 12 year old drummer - Samuel, who impressed us with skills.  The children in P3 to P7 were given opportunities to play the chanter or to drum on the drum pads.  Both David and Winston highlighted that many children in our school showed a natural talent for playing the chanter or drumming.  Pupils in P5-7 have been invited to express an interest in learning either drumming or piping through this funded programme. Thank you to Winston Pollock who arranged this opportunity for our pupils and thank you to both David and Samuel for giving our children their time and encouragement.